Irina Shekhets

Memorial Fund


The Memorial Scholarship Fund (ISMSF) was established in memory of Irina Shekhets, who tragically died on August 24, 2010 in a fatal plane crash in Nepal. Irina was a brilliant woman with a bright future; she has achieved unbelievable academic and professional success.

The day of tragedy fell on her 30th Birthday while she was celebrating her Law School Graduation and Bar Exam pass. Irina was an extremely talented and caring person. Aware of her own fortune and blessings, she felt important to help people who needed her most, even sacrificing her own desires for the sake of empowering others. Her natural generosity and bright smile warmed everyone who was blessed to know her.

Our mission is to continue Irina’s support to people, especially people of Nepal. This country will be forever associated with Irina’s name.

More about Irina on Memorial Website

ISMSF and SKY new project

One of our priority projects is construction of new pre-primary school building for 5-6 year old children who otherwise are unable to attend any classes (the closest school is in 2-hours away from their village).

Here you can see the new school location and local villagers, who are looking forward to have first pre-primary classes for their children. The full list of projects can be seen in the attached SKY document “Brief details of work in progress and planned for the year 2017/2018”

Irina's Memorial Library Established

Irina's Memorial Library has been opened in Shirkarpur, Nepal, the place of 2010 tragedy.

Boris and Marianna were present at the library opening ceremony

More than 200 people, including Katmandu officials attended the ceremony.


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