Irina Shekhets

Memorial Fund


The Memorial Scholarship Fund (ISMSF) was established in memory of Irina Shekhets, who tragically died on August 24, 2010 in a fatal plane crash in Nepal. Irina was a brilliant woman with a bright future; she has achieved unbelievable academic and professional success.

The day of tragedy fell on her 30th Birthday while she was celebrating her Law School Graduation and Bar Exam pass. Irina was an extremely talented and caring person. Aware of her own fortune and blessings, she felt important to help people who needed her most, even sacrificing her own desires for the sake of empowering others. Her natural generosity and bright smile warmed everyone who was blessed to know her.

Our mission is to continue Irina’s support to people, especially people of Nepal. This country will be forever associated with Irina’s name.

More about Irina on Memorial Website

August 24, 2018 Fundraising

ISMSF continues its mission by participation in mutual projects with SKY memorial foundation of USA and Nepal for helping talented children in need to get better education and improve their life.
ISMSF Fund is working on fundraising and transfer the collected money to the SKY Memorial Foundation of USA and Nepal. This year we are going to commemorate this day by achieving our goal to fundraise $1,000.

Irina's Memorial Library New Important Role

The old Shikarpur school building was damaged during the big earthquake; therefore the buildings of SKY school and Irina’s Library are turned into main classrooms for students. The new school building is designed as per the modern earthquake resistant method and will be built from solid concrete (see the current building status here). The SKY Foundation together with ISMSF continues the vital support of the local communities


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