Irina Shekhets

Memorial Fund

About Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarship Fund

Overview and History

The non-profit Irina Shekhets Scholarship Fund (ISMSF) was established in January 2011 in honor of Irina Shekhets, who tragically died in 2010 in air crash on the day of her 30th Birthday, and her unlimited thirst for knowledge, to help talented American students to get into college of their dream.
The ISMSF offers scholarships to the most worthy talented first-time undergraduates, who best exemplify Irina’s outstanding and exceptionally bright personality in order that they can be afforded an opportunity and bridge the gap between expenses of college of their dream and financial aid.
The Memorial Scholarship Fund accumulates the money for Scholarships in two essential ways:
- ISMSF accepts donations from individuals and organizations.
- ISMSF organizes charity events, with 100% of all proceeds coming to the Scholarship Fund.

During year of 2011 ISMSF organized several charity events and accepted multiple donations from individuals as well as from organizations. All this gave to the Fund an ability to announce the first scholarship distributions for year of 2012. ISMSF actively continues to organize charity events, most of them are intended to give the participants new skills or help them to get more healthy and productive life. All events are conducted in close cooperation with community organizations, such as Fair Lawn Ambulance Corp.

The Mission Statement

ISMSF is committed to help American and Nepal people in need to achieve their life and educational goals.

Administrative Structure - Board of Directors/Trustees

ISMSF administered by Board of Directors, which consists of Active Directors Advisory Board Nominating Committee
The structure of the ISMSF for years 2011-2012 is presented below.


Charity events are organizing by board of Trustees with crucial support of Advisory Board activities. The affairs and business of MSISF are managed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly on the Board meetings. On the meetings the Board reviews and approves last period activities and makes strategic decisions for future Fund activities, approve members of Advisory Board (on as needed basis) and Nominating Committee (annually), makes final decision regarding Scholarship Award recipients. Between the Board meetings the ISMSF Executive Director is in charge of managing the Fund and coordinating activities of Advisory Board and Nominating Committee. Executive Director also is keeping communications and connections with current and potential sponsors. Board members (Directors) are in charge of legal, operational and development activities accordingly. Nominating Committee is responsible for Application review, Candidates and Nominees selection.

Fundraising Goal has been achieved

We raised $1,080, which will help to distribute 2019 Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarships and to provide additional help to talented needy children!
Only because of your support these children get the opportunity to continue their education. We will continue our efforts.

16 Winners Received last year Irina Shekhets Best Student Award

Recently the Special Award Ceremony took place in SKY home of Shikharpur. 16 winners were awarded with
Irina Shekhets Best Student Award from 2018 fundraising.
Thank you all our donors! Entire community of Irina's friends is very proud!

Irina's Memorial Library New Important Role

The old Shikarpur school building was damaged during the big earthquake; therefore the buildings of SKY school and Irina’s Library are turned into main classrooms for students. The new school building is designed as per the modern earthquake resistant method and will be built from solid concrete (see the current building status here). The SKY Foundation together with ISMSF continues the vital support of the local communities