Irina Shekhets

Memorial Fund

Checks can be made to “Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarship Fund” and mailed to

Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarship Fund
10-18 Berdan Ave
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

By Credit Card

ISMSF and SKY Continue to Work Together

It is a great pleasure to inform that SKY has very successfully completed 7 years of togetherness of families from US, Japan and Nepal. ISMSF is proud to be a partner of SKY in its invaluable efforts; together we have made hundreds of families happy and cheerful with our little touching initiatives in their lives.

Download 2017 Report here

Irina's Memorial Library New Important Role

The old Shikarpur school building was damaged during the big earthquake; therefore the buildings of SKY school and Irina’s Library are turned into main classrooms for students. The new school building is designed as per the modern earthquake resistant method and will be built from solid concrete (see the current building status here). The SKY Foundation together with ISMSF continues the vital support of the local communities


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